Ridgefield Craft beer on draught

Started as a hobby, became a dream, now a reality! Ridgefield Craft Brewing in Ridgefield, Washington, is dedicated to creating quality craft beers and generating regional pride. We want beer drinkers of all ages to not only recognize our brand, but know where it comes from and what it stands for. As Ridgefield residents, owner Steve Dronen and his family are proud to be the first state-of-the-art 10 barrel production brewery in Ridgefield and are excited to be a part of a fast-growing community. We hope to give the local patrons a sense of pride when they walk into any watering hole, see our beer on tap and say, “That’s our brewery!”

Our brewery is located 20 minutes north of Portland, Oregon and 10 minutes north of Vancouver, Washington.


This beautiful amber ale has notes of roasted nuts, caramel and dried fruit. We chose to stick with hop varieties that keep this beer true to its England roots, with a spicy, slightly citrus finish.
Brewed: Year-round
ALC: 5.3%
IBU: 27

A classic Porter blended with specialty malts, contributing toffee and espresso aromas, flavors of caramel, chocolate, biscuit and almond with a noteable roasted aftertaste, mild and pleasant finish that is slightly spicy/floral.
Brewed: Year-round
ALC: 5.4%
IBU: 29
This pale has a light straw color with rich grainy/malty flavor notes. Our dry hop contributions make for a nice combination of citrus, red fruit and herbal finish.
Brewed: Year-round
ALC: 6.1%
IBU: 24
Belgian inspired, this wheat beer has a blend of European malts and hops. This full-bodied beer has good head retention and finishes with a nice citrus/fruity flavor. Great when garnished with a slice of lemon or orange.
Brewed: Limited
ALC: 4.7%

IBU: 24

Layered with dark roasted malts that give strong notes of dark chocolate, not to mention the 10lbs of pure cocoa powder that is added to the mash. This Irish inspired milk stout has a prominent vanilla essence that highlights it’s chocolaty goodness!
Brewed: Limited
ALC: 6.8%

IBU: 27

A New England style IPA that utilizes three of our favorite hops, teamed up with Norwegian Kveik yeast. This beautiful , mildly hazed IPA has notable tropical/stone fruit aroma and flavor. 
Brewed: Limited
ALC: 6.7%
IBU: 38
West coast style IPA with beautiful golden straw color, subtle citrus/pineapple aroma matched with mild malty flavor notes. Finishes crisp and clean with little residual bitterness.
Brewed: Year-round
ALC: 6.6%
IBU: 56
A collaboration with our friends at Double Barrel Taphouse, this coffee cream ale is light and smooth, with robust coffee aroma, mild coffee flavor and a hint of vanilla. We’d like to thank RainDrop Roasters (from Ridgefield) for contributing the beans for this brew.
Brewed: Limited
ALC: 5.6%
IBU: 16
German style double hefeweizen packed with sweet cherry puree. This pink beauty has great cherry flavor with hints of cinnamon, clove and vanilla. 
Brewed: Limited
ALC: 7.1%
IBU: 13
Our family roots sprout from Norway, as well as the Kveik yeast that contributes a wonderful tropical haze in this New England style IPA. Our hop contributions leave a strong presence of tropical citrus, stone fruit and a bit of tangerine.
Brewed: Year-round
ALC: 6.4%
IBU: 44


Due to popular demand, and an incredible opportunity, Ridgefield Craft Brewing Taphouse is coming soon! Stay tuned for details on location and grand opening date. We hope that you are as excited as we are!

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 You asked for it, we’re making it happen!

Introducing RCB Taphouse!

Our new Taphouse will feature Ridgefield Craft beer, as well as a few other local brews, cider and wine.

We will have various food offerings from local food establishments, as well as an eclectic variety of cuisine from Ridgefield’s own, chef Tyler Morrish of Iron Oak Cooking!

You’ll be able to relax with a pint in our great outdoor space, or hang out inside if you’d rather be closer to the bar!

Location to be announced soon, but rest assured our fellow *Ridgfieldians* you won’t have to travel far.

We are planning to open sometime in July, so stay tuned for our grand opening announcement.